Al-Taif’s haircut by “Okaz”: I do not blame the upset … the clip was misunderstood! – Saudi news


The “Children’s Barber” in Taif, which appeared in a circulating video clip, revealed to “Okaz” that it works on shaving the hair of children under ten, and started practicing its activity about seven months ago. “Wafa” stated that the salon was closed due to the failure to renew the license, and that its activities will resume after the renewal by the municipality.She added that the circulating clip was understood in a wrong and harmful way, because it did not make it clear to the public that the salon is for children under the age of ten, which provoked an uproar and negative emotions from some.

Wafa added that there is no shame in all honorable professions, whether for men or women, and the most important thing is mastery in work and honesty, “I and all Saudi girls are fronts for our dear country, and as long as I do not deviate from the values ​​and the Sharia, I will continue my work and remain supportive of the homeland.”

“Okaz” had spotted the moment of closing the shop yesterday, after the arrival of a committee from the Labor Office and the Secretariat.


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