Al-Sisi between “September”: Revenge by Cloning the “Ritz Campaign”


Cairo | September 2020 will mark a milestone in the history of the Egyptian President, Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, one year after the rule of the “General” passed its weakest moment, when the contractor, Mohamed Ali, who fled to Europe, revealed the extreme extravagance in the construction of palaces and presidential restrooms. So a sensation. This time, Sisi adopted decisions that would affect his supporters before his opponents, and would close the door to political life for everyone, not only before the upcoming parliamentary elections next spring, but perhaps until the presidential elections scheduled for the last quarter of this year.

This time, the “general” decided to take revenge on everyone, his supporters before his opponents (APA).

The main “apparent” goal is “to confront the influence of businessmen and obtain the largest material return from them to compensate for the current shortage of state resources as a result of the Corona crisis,” as sources close to the palace are reported. It is true that obtaining money from ordinary citizens through fees and the application of fines for violating construction and severe threats and promises has finally begun to remove real estate whose owners do not reconcile with the government to reconcile their conditions in accordance with the law, but targeting businessmen opens to a completely different stage, as the President seeks to collect billions of pounds from Those, whether supporters or opponents, through methods, including holding them accountable for the price of land at today’s price, reviewing the contracts that were concluded between them and previous governments, and the way they obtained land, all of which are issues that will force billionaires to reconcile and pay money to the state.
What Al-Sisi is doing is tainted by clear constitutional and legal violations, but he continues to implement his own desires without considering any other considerations. Al Shafi instead of Chargé d’Affairs for the year. The main dispute between Sisi and Hussein is related to the viewpoint of the first, who complains about the slowdown in taking measures against businessmen who have achieved billions of pounds from housing projects, which has caused a direct clash between the two, especially since the majority of businessmen whom Sisi wishes to pursue have reconciled with the state in some cases. During earlier times, and according to legal considerations, he, too, wants to erase it.
The campaign actually started with the arrest of businessman Salah Diab, owner of Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper, as a result of financial irregularities, despite his reconciliation in one of the cases before that. This time, Diab, who is known for his anti-regime stances, is required to pay tens of millions for other incidents, otherwise he will remain in prison for life with his property confiscated. Yesterday, the prosecution decided to press charges against him that included evading the payment of 11 billion pounds to the state treasury, which are accumulated amounts as a result of the new method in which Al-Sisi asked businessmen to be held accountable, that is, calculating inflation rates, the principal amount, interest and other fees, in a way that guarantees the collection of the largest possible sums within the least. Duration.
Sources reveal that among the businessmen expected to be pursued are also the famous billionaire Naguib Sawiris, the good salary of the owner of many projects in Sinai and the supporter of Sisi, and other personalities accused of profiting from state funds and evading taxes and value-added tax in their projects. Also, the money entering the state treasury will include the money of figures from the regime of the late President, Mohamed Hosni Mubarak, including Lieutenant General Ahmed Shafiq, who will be tried again in the cases of “airport corruption” this month, after five years in which the case was kept in the drawers, while many people link between Shafiq and Diab met a few days ago and their anger at Sisi, and between their early pursuit. Funds will also be requested from many personalities under the heading of reconciliation with the state according to the new laws approved by Parliament and entered into force, amid direct presidential instructions to review the accounts of businessmen in banks and the movement of their funds abroad to determine the amounts that can be obtained from them during the next period.

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