Al-Qai’i reveals … why was the maximum penalty imposed on Kahraba? And why was it announced?


Adly Al-Qai’i, advisor to the Contracting and Marketing Committee at Al-Ahly Club, revealed the reason for imposing the maximum penalty on Mahmoud Abdel-Moneim Kahraba, the first-team player in the Red Castle, after his crisis in training yesterday, Wednesday.

Al-Ahly had announced the signing of a fine of one million pounds on Mahmoud Kahraba, who apologized to Mr. Abdel Hafeez and Mohamed El-Shenawy, the team leader, in the presence of Walid Suleiman.

Al-Qai’i said during his statements to Malak’s program and writing on the Al-Ahly channel: “The aim of the punishment is deterrence. The person who committed the mistake is targeted in order not to repeat it, as well as others so that they do not do it.”

He added, “Announcing the penalty was important, so that everyone knows that the club was serious about what was agreed upon. What was agreed upon? The club signed with all the players on all matters, the penalty and the reward, so when any mistake occurs, we resort to the list.”

He continued: “Kahraba was punished by the maximum amount, a million pounds, an unprecedented punishment, why? Because the error came at a time …. “.

He continued: “Kahraba had reached stages that made the technical staff very happy with him, and he feels reassured that when he returns to participate in the matches, part of the technical problems will be solved.”

Al-Qai’i concluded: “It is strange .. Just before his return, this problem occurs, which had no reason. It started with (Hazar) and reached a level that no one imagined .. So he ran away when he returned to the club again and said to them,” What did I do this? What did he do?) .. He was not aware that he had gone to such a degree that he himself did not expect it. “


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