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Al-Ittihad newspaper – Europe wants to cancel the application for asylum in the first country that an immigrant enters


Asylum seekers on the Greek island of Lesbos

The President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, said today, Wednesday, that the Commission wants to “cancel the Dublin procedure”, which stipulates that the first country that a migrant enters receives the responsibility of his application for asylum.
“I can announce that we will abolish the Dublin procedure and replace it with a new European immigration management system,” Von der Leyen said during a discussion that followed her presentation of the state of the union speech. There will be a new strong solidarity mechanism. ”
And she added that the new system “will have common structures regarding asylum and return.”
Its plan will need the approval of European Union member states, deeply divided over this sensitive issue.
The Dublin Regulation was approved in 1990 and amended twice, most recently in 2013.
Under these laws aimed at preventing migrants from submitting multiple asylum applications in Europe, the member state receiving the asylum application processes it, and a potential refugee must not proceed to other countries before his application is decided by the first country that received him.
The Commission is scheduled to present the much-anticipated reform of European immigration policy on September 23.
The controversial migration burden-sharing file was raised again after the fire that destroyed the Moria refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesbos last week.
Countries such as Italy and Malta, which reach large numbers of immigrants by boat, refuse to implement the Dublin Regulation, and call on other countries to host immigrants who arrive on their lands.

Source: Agencies


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