Ahmed Helmy participates in the challenge of childhood pictures .. He comments: When we were not in stone


The star Ahmed Helmy participated in the Childhood Photo Challenge currently spread across various social media platforms, in which the participants publish a picture of them from childhood and another in the current period to explain the great difference between the two periods, and Helmy published his picture while he was in childhood during his summer trip with his family.

My dream appeared in the picture, while he was sitting on his mother’s foot and wrote sarcastically: “Days when we were on stone,” and soon the picture garnered a large number of comments and likes.

And Helmy revealed, during his meeting with the Her Excellency program presented by the artist Issad Younes on DMC channel, that he is attending during this period a new film, and preparations are being made for a series for the Ramadan 2021 season, but these projects are still in the preparation stage.

Helmy stated that he considers this work the first dramatic series of his starring, as he previously participated in a series starring Karam Mutawa and directed by Adel Sadiq, who discovered it in the drama, where he said one of the moms in front of him on one occasion to be surprised after a while by a phone call from his daughter asking him to meet her father to do New, and it was the series “Nass Wlad Nas”.

It is worth noting that the artist Ahmed Helmy presented his latest work, “Khayal Matt”, and achieved remarkable success in the cinemas.


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