After the mockery of Al-Hilal … a fiery message from Walid Al-Faraj to Al-Ahly’s goalkeeper


Journalist Walid Al-Farraj criticized Mohammed Al-Owais, goalkeeper of the first team for football at Al-Ahly club, after his exciting statement against Al-Hilal after his team qualified for the quarter-finals.

In televised statements, after the match, Al-Owais said: “We qualified for the quarter-finals at this level, but we returned with the pilot before us.”

And on Al-Faraj on Al-Owais’s statement, where he wrote through his personal account on the microblogging site “Twitter”: “Captain Muhammad Al-Owais .. Rejoice at the qualification of your team and this is your right, but can you not be happy without this statement?”

و :ضاف: “Your brother Al-Hilal came out with well-known circumstances, some of them regulatory and some healthy ones. Do you think that the champion of the championship title and the great representative of our country deserves this comment from you .. I know you slipped the pass, My advice I apologize for you. “

Al-Ahly’s first football team qualified for the quarter-finals of the AFC Champions League, after defeating its UAE counterpart, Shabab Al-Ahly Dubai, in a penalty shootout (4-3), after the original time ended with a positive tie (1-1).


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