Afaf Shuaib: I placed a crystal glass between me and the hero to prevent touching – with the video


The Egyptian actress spokeعفاف شيوبOn her commitment to some standards and ethical controls in acting since her artistic beginnings, confirming that all directors and actors who dealt with them respected her decisions.
And she said, “My father refused me to enter the world of acting … but my mother gave me six prohibitions, including the boss, and warned me not to go against her. Akk in you. “
She revealed that in her first movie starring in the movie “A Woman Deceived Me”, she told the director about her family situation, so she understood and deleted many scenes that did not fit her morally in the film.
She added during a telephone interview with her within the “ninth” program presented by the Egyptian journalist Wael Al-Ibrashi: “Even the only scene that I agreed to photograph, I stipulated that it put a crystal clear between me and the hero … neither the hero touched me nor touched him, and the film succeeded and spent 41 weeks in theaters.” .


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