Adly Al-Qai’i and a message to Al-Ahly fans: Love in this way is harmful


Adly Al-Qaei, the contracting advisor at Al-Ahly club and the announcer on the club’s channel, sent a message to the fans of the Red Castle.

During the Malak and Writing program on the Al-Ahly channel, Al-Qaei said: “This is my message to everyone who loves Al-Ahly club.”

He continued: “It does not mean that you love Al-Ahly, as you have possessed it that you can control it or that you direct or that you criticize it in public. Love in this way is harmful.”

It is worth noting that Al-Ahly club had previously announced its decision on whether or not to continue coaching the red team, Rene Fyler.

The Red Genie had been crowned in the general league championship for the 42nd time in its history and the fifth in succession after the point difference with the most prominent competitor, Zamalek Club, in second place, reached 20 points.


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