Adib’s government between today or Monday … and the US sanctions against the spoilers


Omar Habanjar wrote in the Kuwaiti “Al-Anba”: The birth of Mustafa Adeeb’s government became settled according to French time specifically, which means Sunday evening or tomorrow, regardless of the objections of this party or the protests of that party, and even whatever the head of the Free Patriotic Movement, Gebran Bassil, said in his press conference Advertised today.

This optimism was linked to a set of data among the supporters of the French initiative to keep pace with the pressing popular demonstrations that moved towards the Presidential Palace in Baabda yesterday afternoon on the occasion of the anniversary of the forty victims of the Beirut Port bombing, where they were preceded by a gathering of Free Movement supporters to prevent them from approaching, and the Republican Guard and the army formed a wall of separation Between the two teams, at a time when sources in Baabda leaked information calling for slowing and not anticipating matters.

This, and angry demonstrators raised the hanging ropes on the advertisements on the presidential palace road in Baabda, along with slogans, pictures and banners calling for accountability as “the saints of blood for the victims of the port bombing.”.

The army, which gathered at the entrances to the road to the palace, prevented a clash between the protesters of the popular movement and the supporters of the Free Movement who gathered in return, and the situation became tense when one of the soldiers fired bullets over the demonstrators who took refuge in stones, and massive forces from the army commandos and internal security forces poured into the place and it happened. He ran and fled and a number of protesters who had thrown stones were arrested. After standing for a minute of silence to mourn the souls of the victims of the port explosion, one of the demonstrators read a statement in the name of the revolutionaries..

At half past seven in the evening, orders were issued to the army to disperse the peaceful demonstrators and remove them from the public roads, so a stampede and stones were thrown that ended with their dispersal..

The army command issued a statement saying, “The army members worked to establish a human checkpoint to separate the two demonstrations in the vicinity of the Republican Palace and were forced to shoot in the air after the demonstrators threw stones at the elements and tried to reach the Republican Palace.”.

Returning to the government, the follow-up sources confirm to Al-Anbaa that President Michel Aoun has no choice but to sign the decree forming the government, after the first wave of US sanctions that hit the “wall of my garden” Nabih Berri and Suleiman Franjieh, through the political aide of the first Ali Hassan Khalil and an officer Contact between the second and Hezbollah, former minister Youssef Fenianos. Some expect President Aoun to sign the decree of the government of President Mustafa Adib, despite his feeling that it is imposed on him, and does not resemble him or his clashing era of collapses, with his current reluctance to participate in it, as Bassil can announce today, and thus let it fall in the House of Representatives, by virtue of his meeting with President Nabih Berri is at this juncture.

However, does Speaker Berri intend to bring down the American-accepted French initiative government? In contrast to the French “carrot” of opening up to Hezbollah and through it to the Iranian airspace, there is the “stick” of American sanctions that are motivated to act, and there is the tempo of “international” investigations into the explosion and burning of the Beirut port, in addition to the fact that bringing down the government in the House of Representatives will not harm the initiators because it is according to the formation decree. The government automatically becomes in charge of power, in the context of conducting business.

The head of the council has become more militant in his adherence to the portfolio of the Ministry of Finance for the Amal movement, or for the Shiites in particular, and that “everything outside the Ministry of Finance can be agreed upon.” So that he accepts one of them, and if the name is rejected, I want an explanation of the rejection, so I give another name and to God willing. ”He added,“ I am with a government of specialists 100%, and with a minimum of political flavor, we do not want them partisan or close to partisans, but we do not want them to fall on us. They are those who live abroad and do not know what the country is like. I give the name, otherwise they try in vain, or let them form it without Shiites, if they are able to do so. “.

Following up on President Adeeb’s moves, it is unlikely that the matter will reach the point of an apology, and that in the worst case, he may retire..

Despite all this, the follow-up sources have read in the results of Major General Abbas Ibrahim’s lightning visit to Paris, a delegate of President Michel Aoun, which means that she is determined to adhere to the timetable for her initiative, which requires the formation of the government within two weeks, i.e. today or tomorrow.


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