Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank contracts with an Israeli bank!


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The local newspaper “Al-Bayan” quoted the UAE bank as saying that this memorandum comes within the framework of discussing ways of cooperation between the two banks in the Emirates and “Israel” and other countries, according to the newspaper.

The memo will provide, according to the newspaper, “new opportunities for customers, and will support their banking needs, whether from individuals who travel to” Israel “, or companies looking to benefit from accessing new markets.

The agreement was signed by Khamis Buharoon, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank”, and Hanan Friedman, CEO of Bank “Leumi”, which is one of the largest banks in the occupation entity.

“We are proud to sign a memorandum of understanding with Bank Leumi … This partnership will support retail and corporate banking customers in their banking needs when traveling or opening business in Israel,” said Buharon.

Under the agreement, the two banks will be able to cooperate to provide services to institutions in the UAE and “Israel”, such as services for conducting international financial transactions, cash management, and commercial financial services.

On Tuesday, “Leumi”, which owns 30 percent of the investment operations in the occupation entity, signed two memoranda of understanding with “First Abu Dhabi Bank” and “Emirates NBD”, hours before the signing of the normalization agreement between the UAE, Bahrain and the Israeli occupation, under the auspices of United State.

This is the second agreement signed by “Emirates NBD” with an Israeli bank, following the normalization of relations. He signed a memorandum of understanding with “Bank Hapoalim”, one of the largest banks in “Israel”.

Abu Dhabi and Manama, in the middle of this month, signed an agreement to normalize relations with “Tel Aviv,” an agreement that was widely rejected by the Arab people, and the Palestinian factions considered it a “betrayal” of the nation and a “stab” in the back of the Palestinian cause.


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