A technical defect affecting the Madrasati platform


A technical defect affecting the Madrasati platform

A technical defect affecting the Madrasati platform

Citizen – Riyadh

This Sunday morning, students, parents and teachers were surprised by a technical malfunction in the Madrasati platform, as they were unable to follow the lessons and the educational process remotely.

A number of students complained this morning about a technical defect in the Madrasati platform, and they were unable to register attendance and log onto the platform.

It is mentioned that the Madrasati platform is a simulation of the educational reality, through the daily morning program for male and female students; Starting from logging onto the platform, performing the national anthem, exercising, reviewing the daily schedule, and entering the semester with the teacher.

The platform allows male and female students to interact with peers and teachers, participate in discussion arenas, view their achievement reports, verify the distribution of course requirements scores from year work and exams, and identify the appropriate hours for electronic communication with teachers.

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