A Syrian actress looks like Alchin Sangu – in the picture


Surprised the Syrian actressAlio PioneersHer followers, with a major change in her features, appeared in a photo of her that she published on her own page on a social networking site.
Some commentators were surprised about the secret of the change in her shape, and some suggested that the reason might be due to the thinnest of her face, while others considered that she might have undergone a new plastic surgery that made her look different.
Many of Aliyu’s followers likened the star of the “Dayaa Dayaa” series, known as Afaf at work, to the famous Turkish star.Alchin SangoCommenting that after the thinnest face of Rowad, it looked like a copy of the Turkish artist And a large number expressed their sadness at the pioneers changing their features, especially since they had a special kind of beauty.


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