A study shows the transmission of the Corona virus through the plastic mask – Health Statement – Life


A simulation model showed that people who wear plastic face shields or masks equipped with a breathing valve can spray invisible droplets over a very wide area when sneezing or coughing, which makes this equipment ineffective in preventing the spread of the Corona virus when used alone.

In a report published Tuesday in the American journal Physics of Fluids (Fluid Physics), researchers from Florida Atlantic University used vertical and horizontal laser sheets to track tiny droplets of distilled water and glycerine as they spread from the head of a hollowed-out mannequin head wearing a plastic shield or mask with a valve. To breathe.

The researchers said that the face shield initially prevented the passage of droplets while moving forward, but “the droplets can move around the plastic eyebrow with relative ease and spread over a large area.”

As for the mask equipped with a valve to facilitate breathing, it “passes a large number of drops through the exhalation valve without purifying them, and this makes it ineffective in stopping the spread of Covid-19 if the person wearing the mask is infected with it.”

The researchers concluded that despite the comfort provided by both the shield and the mask, masks made of high-quality fabric or medical masks with a simple design remain the best in helping to prevent the spread of the virus.



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