A study claims that Corona is able to attack the brain directly


A study claims that Corona is able to attack the brain directly

Thursday – 22 Muharram 1442 AH – 10 September 2020 CE

A medical team checks a patient with Coronavirus in a health center in Kenya (AFP)

Washington: “Middle East Online”

A study, published yesterday (Wednesday), showed that the headaches, disorientation, and even delirium … that some “Covid 19” patients suffer from may be the result of the new Corona virus attacking the brain directly, according to Agence France-Presse.
The research is still in its early stages, but it provides several new lines of evidence to support what was previously considered a mere hypothesis.
According to the study, led by the immunologist Akiko Iwasaki at Yale University, the virus is able to multiply inside the brain, and its presence deprives brain cells close to oxygen, but the extent of its spread is not yet clear.
The techniques used in the study were praised by S. Andrew Josephson, chair of the Department of Neurology at the University of California, San Francisco. He said, “Understanding whether there is a direct effect of the virus on the brain or not; This is very important ». But he added, “It is best to be careful until the paper is subject to peer review.”
It would not be completely shocking if it was found that “SARS Cove 2” is able to penetrate the barrier between the blood and the brain, which is a structure that surrounds blood vessels in the brain and tries to prevent toxins and foreign substances in the blood from entering the brain. For example, the Zika virus does the same, causing major damage to the brains of the fetus.
But doctors so far believed that the neurological effects observed in about half of the patients could be: Instead, it is the result of an abnormal immune response known as a “cytokine storm” that causes encephalitis, rather than the virus invading it directly.
Iwasaki and his colleagues decided to deal with the question in three ways: by infecting small brains that grew in the laboratory known as “brain organelles”, infecting mice with infection, and examining brain tissue from patients who had died of “Covid 19”.
In “brain organelles”, the team found that the SARS Cove 2 virus was able to infect nerve cells and then control the nerve cell to multiply.
The affected cells, in turn, caused the death of the surrounding cells by choking the oxygen supply to them.
One of the main arguments against the direct brain invasion theory is that the brain lacks high levels of a protein called “ACI2” to which the Corona virus attaches, and which is found in abundance in other organs such as the lungs.
But the team found that the organelles had enough ACI2 protein to facilitate entry into the virus, and the proteins were also present in the brain tissue of the deceased patients.
Also, through a lumbar puncture, they examined the cerebrospinal fluid in a hospitalized patient with “Covid 19” who was suffering from delirium, and found that he had neutral (neutral) antibodies to the virus in the spinal fluid, which formed other evidence that supports their hypothesis.
Then the team studied two groups of mice, one that was genetically modified to contain ACI2 receptors in their lungs only, and the other in their brain only.
The mice infected in their lungs showed some signs of infection in the lungs, while the brain-infected mice lost weight quickly and died quickly, indicating the possibility of a higher death rate upon entering the brain.
finally; Researchers examined the brains of 3 patients who had died of severe complications linked to “Covid 19” and found evidence of the virus in all, to varying degrees.
The study authors explained that they need more autopsies to find out the extent of the brain infection.


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