A smear of intelligence in Ray-Ban glasses with a touch of Facebook


A message from Facebook explaining the project said, “Imagine a pair of glasses that provides you with a three-dimensional layer of additional, useful and accurate information, depending on the environment in which you are, in addition to what your eyes see.”

The message added that “such a tool can help its” user “to carry out some daily tasks, such as finding the keys, moving around in a new city, or recording a specific moment.

And Facebook, which is often criticized for the lack of protection for users’ private lives, explained that this element is one of the project’s priorities.

It seemed that the company was keen to avoid any criticism similar to the one that accompanied the launch of Google Glass in 2013 for including a camera that can be operated secretly.

Facebook dismissed the sale of this product to the public before launching in 2017 online glasses for businesses.

On Wednesday, Zuckerberg showed the second generation of augmented reality “Oculus Quest” helmets, which are lighter and stronger than their predecessors, and are sold at $ 299.99 in the United States.


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