A sign on your skin indicating that you have had a heart attack … How do you discover it?


Shortness of breath and chest pain are common symptoms of a heart attack, but according to American scientists there are other symptoms that a dermatologist can identify, and according to the Florida Center for Dermatology and Skin Cancer, bumps called Osler’s nodes can indicate endocarditis, an infection that can increase The risk of heart attack.

These nodes are painful red or purple and appear on the fingers and toes, according to what XRps reported.

“Your dermatologist can be the first to recognize the early signs of cardiovascular disease or heart disease,” the center said.

“These are rare signs, but they are definite signs of infectious endocarditis … How long an infection of Osler’s node can last for hours or even days,” he added.

However, Osler’s knot does not only indicate a heart attack. It can also be triggered by an allergic or immune reaction.

Include Other common symptoms of a heart attack Severe chest pain, arm pain, or a sudden feeling of dizziness.


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