A shocking surprise .. Saleh Jumaa spent his night in the Qasr al-Nil section and is wanted in relation to two other cases (details)


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Saleh Jumaa, the Al-Ahly player, spent his night, Friday, in the Qasr al-Nil section, after he was released from the prosecution after he promised the owners of the two cars that were smashed that he would take care of their repair.

“Jumaa” had been arrested on Friday morning after colliding with two angel cars in the Zamalek area, to be referred to the prosecution office, which listened to his statements in the presence of his lawyer, as he admitted that he had committed the accident due to a misalignment of the steering wheel in his hand, confirming that he did not intend and did not intend to commit the incident And he pledged to the owners of the two cars to take care of all financial expenses to repair their cars, so that he would be released on bail of 5,000 pounds.

“Juma” was not released from the department, despite the decision to release him in that case. After his record was examined, it was discovered that he was wanted in connection with two other cases, the first of which was running over a young man with his car in the Giza area during the month of March, and the second was a case filed against him by his wife.

For his part, a source in Al-Ahly confirmed the club’s follow-up to the developments of the player’s position, pointing out that the Red Castle administration has stood with him until the moment as a member of the team until the vision becomes clear regarding his position, with an emphasis on the club’s respect for the provisions of the law.

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