A Saudi prince objects to a report in which the name of Turki Al-Sheikh came before him … and the second: You are right


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The Saudi prince, Abdulrahman bin Musaed, objected to a report by “MBC 4” that mentioned the name of the head of the General Entertainment Authority, Turki Al-Sheikh, before his name, while reviewing the poets who wrote the songs of the Egyptian artist’s album, Angham.

Bin Musaed re-published the report on his official page on Twitter and commented on it, saying: “Dear brothers responsible for this program in mbc4: People have sent down their homes (poetry) at the very least, so the way you arrange Asami is not valid, neither poetry nor tooth,” as he put it.

The Saudi prince added, in the same tweet: “If dear brother Turki himself saw this report before it was presented, he would object to it and demanded that it be amended and blamed his stomach for his miscalculation …”, as he put it.

For his part, Al-Sheikh agreed with Bin Musaed’s point of view, as he commented on a tweet in which he said: “A bad report is right with you, prince,” to which the second responds, saying: “Do not be surprised by your advancement, may God preserve you and make you happy,” as he said.

The report included a mention of the names of the Gulf poets who wrote album songs, and the name of Prince Badr bin Abdul Mohsen came first, then the name of Turki Al-Sheikh was mentioned, followed by Prince Abdul Rahman bin Musaed.


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