A positive precedent has not occurred since the beginning of the Corona outbreak in Canada


The Canadian Public Health Agency data, released late Friday evening, indicated that Canada had not recorded any deaths from Covid-19 disease during the past twenty-four hours, for the first time since March 15.

Government data showed that the number of deaths due to the pandemic in Canada reached 9,163 as of September 11, which is the same number of deaths that were recorded on the tenth of September.

But the data showed that the number of Corona cases increased by 702 to 135,626 on September 11 compared to the previous day.

Since last March, Canada has imposed on all arrivals, whether Canadian or not, a mandatory 14-day quarantine.

As for foreign nationals who show symptoms of Covid-19 disease, they are banned from entering the country.

At the end of August, the Canadian government announced that it would extend until September 30, the closure of the country’s borders to foreigners, with the exception of some Americans, in order to limit the spread of the new Corona virus.

Public Safety Minister Bill Blair said in a tweet on Twitter that “Canadian citizens and permanent residents returning to Canada will continue to be required to undergo quarantine procedures.”

And the Canadian-US land border will remain closed until September 21, according to a bilateral agreement concluded by Ottawa with Washington.

Only freight trucks and passengers whose travel is deemed essential to cross these borders is permitted.

This land border, the longest in the world between two countries, has been closed since March according to an agreement concluded by the two countries and is renewed monthly.


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