A platform that uses artificial intelligence to enhance learning launched – Saudi Arabia News


An educational group based in Dhahran is launching a new generation of learning platforms through a partnership with a global leader in artificial intelligence to introduce its technologies to the Kingdom’s schools.

The founders of the Nomou Center, Khaled Al-Turki and Dr. Sally Al-Turki, explained that the center is working in partnership with a company specializing in educational technology, based in London, to provide the opportunity to use artificial intelligence to enhance learning in any school operating in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the Center for Content Growth in Arabic designed specifically for students in The kingdom. The platform is characterized by its high and smooth capacity to provide service to unlimited numbers of students on a large scale and in a short period of time through cloud servers.

They pointed out that the world leader in classroom technology based on artificial intelligence, which uses enabled learning to make education personal for each student, while at the same time automatically correcting students’ work and assisting in planning, and other work that usually requires many hours of teacher time per week. There are now a number of schools in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, including Misk Schools, Dhahran Private Schools, King Faisal Schools, and Jeddah Private Schools, which use the platform in English. However, the Nomou Center is now working on preparing teaching materials modified according to the needs of Saudi schools in the Arabic language, using artificial intelligence. The center also translates and localizes the content of the science and mathematics subject approved by the company from English into Arabic, and the materials for the elementary stage have been completed.

We indicated that the content designed by the Nomou Education Center is based on standards, and will help prepare Saudi students to achieve the target level in international exams such as PIRLS، PISA، TIMMSThese materials are not just traditional materials placed on computers, they are materials that provide a new learning experience rooted in neuroscience and learning science that takes students to a new, higher level.

And since it is managed by artificial intelligence, it is especially useful during conditions similar to what we are witnessing today, when students and teachers have to work from their homes as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Khaled Al-Turki and Dr. Sally Al-Turki said, “We are happy that we are cooperating with the company that we see so far ahead of others, who work in this field, in terms of the quality of its platform. Our teachers work hard to provide content in Arabic that takes learners to a new level of competence in internationally tested subjects.

General Director of Misk Schools Brendan Lowe said: Misk Schools is proud to be the first school in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to be adopted This platform In its curriculum, and our vision to continue to explore new horizons in education, our partnership with the platform plays a major role in developing personal learning paths for each student. We are happy to work with them and their team and look forward to continuous new developments in the coming years.

For her part, Chief Executive Officer of the platform, Priya Lhani, explained that the program is easily scalable and can be applied on a very large scale very quickly at the level of students and teachers, as well as what the platform has achieved on special awards for teaching and learning using artificial intelligence for families, schools, universities, and providers. Training where the platform uses learning science, artificial intelligence, and neuroscience to create continuously adaptive pathways for students and to generate robust evaluation data for teachers and parents.


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