A pessimistic estimate from the global health of the date of distribution of Corona vaccines


Company revealedJohnson Dand Johnson“It has successfully developed a vaccine against the Coronavirus, which has proven effective in mice.

The company said that the hamster was vaccinated with the vaccine before exposure to the emerging corona virus, and after about four weeks, scientists noticed a decrease in the infection in the lungs of a hamster rat.

The medical journal “Niter Medicine” that published the study also said that this trial is part of the preclinical study that the pharmaceutical company “Johnson & Johnson” intends to complete.

And the authors of the experiment pointed out that the mice that were vaccinated lost weight significantly, which made them link between weight loss and increased viral reproduction in the lungs and low levels of antibodies that can neutralize the virus.

But the magazine “Nature Medicine” said that the promising results of the vaccine on mouse hamsters will not necessarily translate to humans.

But Johnson & Johnson said it is seeking to start a late-stage human study of 60,000 people later this month.

It will be the largest trial to test a vaccine for the Corona virus so far, according to the American “CNBC” network.

And “Johnson and Johnson” is one of several companies working to develop a vaccine for the virus.

Other companies include “Moderna” and “Pfizer” as well as “Astra Zenka”.

Johnson & Johnson is an American pharmaceutical company, founded in 1886, that produces pharmaceutical and medical equipment, hygiene products and cosmetics, and provides related services to consumers and health care workers.


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