A miracle is breathing under the rubble of Beirut .. Lebanon clings to hope



Al Ain News
The Lebanese clinging to hope, even if it was under the rubble, since Thursday morning, the situation of Beirut, the Lebanese capital mired in its grief since the explosion of the port a month ago, has changed, as the city woke up to the ghost of intermittent breaths, and what appeared to be a heartbeat asking for help, coming from under the rubble.

Beirut blast, with pictures and videos, a night in which Lebanon cried

The situation has changed, everyone clings to hope, without which life might stop, and soul spread through the city, on the ground, and even on social networks via the hashtag (#Beirut_Beirut), in an attempt to save that unknown cry.

Whatever the outcome, the scene of the Lebanese’s attachment to the “trained dog”, who participated in rescue operations, may remain stuck in minds for a long time, as if it embodies the remaining hope to save the “beating heart under the rubble.”

The beginning was with the declaration of rescue workers in Lebanon that they had spotted indications of the existence of neighborhoods under the rubble of a building in a residential area in Beirut that collapsed after the port explosion on the fourth of August.

The official news agency reported that a team of rescuers, with a trained dog, monitored movement under a collapsed building in the Gemmayzeh area in Beirut, one of the areas most affected by the explosion that killed about 190 people and injured six thousand.

Paramedic Eddy Bitar said that signs of breathing and pulse, and signs on body temperature sensors mean that there is a possibility of survivors.But after several hours of digging through the rubble, on Thursday evening, the operation was suspended because the building was deemed unsafe, and a rescue worker said that heavy machinery was needed to help remove the rubble safely, and that it was not possible to bring in that equipment before morning.

The news of the rescue prompted crowds to gather at the site, and were furious over the suspension of rescue efforts in a city in dire need of a glimmer of hope, prompting rescue teams to return to work at night.

The rescue team included volunteers from Chile, as well as Lebanese volunteers and members of the civil defense.

Earlier, rescue workers climbed the rubble of the building collapsed in the explosion, and the rescue team installed flashlights at the site as the sun set, and one of the rescuers carried a rescue dog over a pile of rubble.

It all started with the team passing by the rubble of the building. Last Wednesday evening, their trained dog gave an indication that someone was alive there.

When the team returned to the site, Thursday morning, the dog headed to the same place amid the rubble and gave the same signal. At that time, the team used a scanning device to monitor the presence of a heartbeat or breathing movement in the rubble, and they brought digging equipment.

The team members divided themselves into groups of seven, and began removing debris piece by piece, fearing more damage. From time to time, calls are issued to those in the place to remain silent so that the rescue team members can listen to any sound, according to what was reported by “BBC Arabic”.

In conjunction with the frequent news of the search for neighborhoods under the rubble, the Lebanese engineer, Diaa Murad, published two pictures of the building before and after the Beirut Port explosion, showing the extent of the destruction of the building.


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