A famous artist was involved in the fraud


Yasser Kantoush revealed, in a special statement to “her”, new details in the case of the actress Haifa Wehbe, which sparked controversy recently, after she accused Mohamed Waziri, her former business manager, of swindling her and seizing her money and property in Egypt..

In his statements, Kantoush blew a heavy surprise, as he announced that a famous artist (M.K.) was involved in the case of the monument to Haifa, by presenting him with a person named Mohamed Helal, to buy two “villas” owned by the artist Haifa Wehbe in Egypt, and the purchase was made. Through fictitious contracts last April.

He continued: The mock sale that took place between my minister and the famous artist and Hilal, took place with a period of suspicion, and the money collected is a crime of squandering, embezzlement and appropriation of others’ money, confirming that he had submitted warnings to the real estate company responsible for the villas, and some complaints demanding compensation for the artist because the price The villa is 15 million pounds.

On the other hand, the opposition judge in the 6th of October Court renewed the detention of Mohamed Waziri, director of the Lebanese star Haifa Wehbe’s works, for a period of 30 days pending investigations being conducted by the Public Prosecution on his accusation of fraud.


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