A disagreement between Nadine Al-Rassi and a famous star .. Will Ziad Burji enter into reconciliation?


Artistic sites have reported differences between the two stars, Nadine Al-Rassi and Hiba Nour, in the scenes of filming the series “Nsunji Belhalal”, which brings them together with the stars Ziad Burji, Hisham Haddad, Merva Al-Qadi, Muhammad Khair Al-Jarrah, Anju Rayhan, Antoinette Akiki, Marwa Al-Atrash and others.

It seems that this news is due to the embodiment of Al-Rasi and the light of my wife’s personal role, presented by Ziad Burji, who was not satisfied with them, who are entering into a fierce war before events go to a different path, with the entry of a third woman on the line.

The work produced by the two companies “Golden Line” and “IC Media”, written by Zuhair Qana ‘and directed by Nabil Labbas, monitors the relationship of a “womanizer” quarantined between them without retreating, despite the circumstances imposed by the Corona virus, and the episodes reveal funny paradoxes in the relationship and challenges And the fickle alliances that bring characters together, which will make Ziad Burji’s life more difficult.

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