8 million cases of corona in Latin America and a “jump” in India


More than 8 million cases of Coronavirus have been recorded in the Latin America And the Caribbean, days after more than 300,000 deaths caused by the epidemic were detected in the region, according to a toll prepared by AFP based on official figures.

The worst-affected area recorded injuries Corona Virus New in the world, 8 million and 35 thousand and 484 injuries, among the more than 28 million injuries announced worldwide.

And the second highest death toll was recorded in the region that includes United State And Canada, which amounted to 6 million and 504 thousand and 734 injuries, but Europe is the second after Latin America in terms of the number of deaths, as it recorded 220,85 deaths from the disease.

In Latin America, Brazil is the worst affected, with more than 4 million people infected with the epidemic, about 130,000 of whom died.

Peru is followed by the number of injuries, with more than 702 thousand injuries, including more than 30 thousand deaths, but Mexico is the second in terms of the number of deaths in the region, as it recorded about 70 thousand deaths out of more than 647 thousand injuries.

And in India, Ministry of Health data showed that the country recorded, on Friday, a record jump in new cases of Coronavirus, which reached 96,551 infections, which raises the total number of cases to 4 and a half million cases.

The infection is spreading in India at a faster rate than anywhere in the world, and the only country most affected by it is the United States.

Death cases remained relatively low in the country, but it is on an upward trend, with more than a thousand deaths recorded every day for ten days.

The ministry said it had recorded 1,209 deaths from disease Covid-19, Bringing the total to 76,271 cases.


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