614 new cases of “Corona” virus … and 639 recovered and no deaths


In line with the Ministry of Health and Community Protection’s plan to expand examinations in the country, with the aim of early detection and counting cases infected with the Coronavirus, their contacts and isolation, it announced that it had conducted 67,821 new examinations during the past twenty-four hours, on different groups in society using the best medical examination techniques.
The intensified expansion of the number of examinations has resulted in the detection of 614 new infections, of different nationalities, all of which are stable cases and are subject to the necessary health care. This brings the total number of registered cases to 72,154 cases.
It also announced that 639 people infected with Coronavirus had recovered from symptoms of the disease, after receiving the necessary health care, since they were hospitalized. Thus, the total number of recovered persons is 62,668.
And the ministry announced, that no death was recorded during the past twenty-four hours. (WAM)


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