5 information about the new Google Kids Space mode


After Google launched the Google Kids Space mode, a new mode for children in some Android tablets.

Through the following report, we monitored the full specifications of the new situation, which came as follows:

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1- The mode has the advantage of providing apps, books, and videos that children can explore, learn from and enjoy.

1- The company launched Google Kids Space, which is a new mode for children on select Android tablets, featuring applications, books, and videos that children can explore, learn from, and enjoy.

2- Kids Space will be available globally on some Lenovo tablets, including: the Lenovo Smart Tab M10 HD computer, which was also announced today, and the mode will reach more Android tablets soon.

3- Google explained that Kids Space is designed so that the child is at the heart of the experience, and is designed for them to become explorers of the things they love.

4- By choosing their interests, kids will see new and engaging content for reading, playing and creating. Children can even customize their experience by creating their own personality.

5- The company said: It has worked with major publishers to make popular children’s books available for free, and now there are more than 400 free books in the United States alone. On the Watch and Make tabs, kids can watch creative and fun YouTube Kids videos that encourage off-screen activities.

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