3 Emirati companies win the Entrepreneurship World Cup 2020 – Economic – the local market


Hub71, the global technology platform in Abu Dhabi, and the UAE national organizing destination for the Entrepreneurship World Cup 2020, announced yesterday that it has selected 3 winning companies, namely, Pure Harvest, K2 Enable and Oikademy, from among the list. It included 128 companies, representing the various emirates of the country.

These startups have succeeded in moving from the idea stage to establishing actual businesses, and they will form the “Emirates Team” in the competition, which is held within the activities of the “Misk Global Forum”, scheduled to be held from 18 to 20 October 2020, and to compete in the final qualifiers for the World Cup for leadership Business.

“Pure Harvest”, “Key to Enable” and “Oikademy” received an in-kind prize valued at $ 100,000, which includes benefits, discounts and free services from the company “Strip”, “Amazon Web Services” and “Hap Spot”. “Segment”, “Intercom”, “Google Cloud” and others. The final contenders are from around the world.

Those who will be selected among the top 100 startups in the world will receive additional in-kind prizes, amounting to 700 thousand dollars, bringing the total value of in-kind prizes to 800 thousand dollars for each of the 100 companies competing in the Entrepreneurship World Cup.

The Entrepreneurship World Cup is the largest global initiative for entrepreneurs, with participation from 200 countries, and the competition attracted more than 100,000 participants in its inaugural edition, in 2019. In the context of the search for companies that will make up “Team Emirates”, 10 companies were selected. Startups, based in the UAE, and operating in a variety of sectors, including clean energy technologies, agricultural and educational technologies, big data, and assistive technology, and Emiratis made up 30% of these ten companies.

Winners will have the opportunity to participate in this major international competition, to win financial prizes worth up to one million dollars, in addition to funding opportunities and benefit from accelerator programs and resources, and in-kind prizes, totaling more than $ 75 million.

The opportunity to compete

Ahmed Alwan, Head of Strategy and Corporate Development at Hub71, said: “We are proud of all competitors who have shared their innovative ideas. We are fully confident of choosing the best ambassadors who will represent the innovative technology sector in the UAE. The selected companies have succeeded in establishing businesses that offer unique innovations and of high quality. ”



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