25 million tons of goods enter Saudi Arabia in 30 days – Saudi Arabia News


Saudi ports, which are supervised by the General Authority for Ports (Ports), achieved an increase in the total number of containers handling during the month of August 2020, by an increase of 12%, compared to the same period of the previous year, by 664 thousand standard containers, while the total tons of cargo handled was more According to the statistical indicator issued by the General Authority for Ports, Saudi ports achieved another increase in the last month in the number of transshipment containers by an increase of 21%, by more than 225 thousand containers, as well as an increase in the total foodstuffs by An increase of 20%, by 2.4 million tons, while the number of imported cars reached 39,000 cars, while the number of livestock reached 181,000 head of live cattle.This remarkable increase recorded by the Kingdom’s ports comes in light of the strategic partnerships concluded by the General Authority for Ports with major international shipping lines. What contributed to the launch of 4 transcontinental shipping lines this year to enhance the strength of linking the Kingdom’s ports with the ports of the East and West and increase the quantities of handling in the ports.

This increase also comes as a result of the assignment and operation contracts recently concluded by the authority to develop container terminals in the Kingdom’s ports, with the aim of raising the level of operational and logistical performance and improving the quality of services and competitiveness, in addition to developing berths and raising the capabilities of the infrastructure and absorptive capacities in this vital sector.


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