18 Entrepreneurs Join Forbes’ 400 Richest Americans List


18 new entrepreneurs joined the Forbes list of “400 richest Americans” for the year 2020, as they made huge profits from the technology sector, and through companies that provide remote services, despite the negative effects of the spread of the Corona virus, according to Reuters.

The fortunes of the new pioneers start at at least $ 2.1 billion, which is the minimum required to enter the list, and they have accumulated their fortunes from videoconferencing companies, private equity, electric trucks, in addition to tests for the Corona virus.

Trevor Milton, founder of the Nikola electric truck maker, had a fortune of $ 3.3 billion.

Some entrepreneurs have also succeeded in joining the “Forbes” list, although their business is concentrated in the restaurants and bars sector, such as billionaire Sheldon Lavigne, who managed to enter the list with a fortune of $ 3 billion.

Fortinet CEO Ken Shi amassed a fortune of $ 3.3 billion from the tech sector. Square founder Jim McAlvey also joined the Forbes list with a net worth of $ 2.2 billion.

Billionaire Eric Yuan entered the list of “Forbes” from the widest of its doors, with a fortune of $ 11 billion from his “Zoom” video conference company, which increased its business during the home quarantine period. Zoom’s share has risen nearly 300 percent since it went public in April 2019. Revenue rose 96 percent to $ 146 million in the second quarter of 2020, due to high demand during the Corona epidemic. Yuan owns about 16 percent of the Nasdaq-listed company.


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