$ 124.6 billion Saudi Arabia’s investments in US bonds


The investments of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, in US Treasury bills and bonds, increased by 2.85%, on a monthly basis, last July 2020, to reach 214 billion dollars.

The data of the US Treasury Department showed that the investments of the Kingdom, which is the largest holder of the Gulf countries in US bonds, reached 124.6 billion dollars, compared to 124.9 billion dollars, a decrease of 361 million dollars, compared to last June.

Kuwait ranked second, with total investments of $ 47.9 billion, compared to $ 44.9 billion in the previous month.

The UAE ranked third, with total investments amounting to $ 29.5 billion, then the Sultanate of Oman with $ 6.1 billion, Qatar $ 4.8 billion, and Bahrain with $ 1.2 billion.

The Kingdom’s ranking maintained the 16th place among the major holders of US bonds in July 2020, compared to its position in June.

The Kingdom’s investments in US Treasury bonds were distributed last July on $ 90.87 billion “long-term bonds”, representing 73% of the total, and $ 33.71 billion in “short-term bonds”, accounting for 27%.

Japan topped the list of the largest investors in US bonds, with a value of $ 1293 billion ($ 1.293 trillion), followed by China with a value of $ 1073.4 billion ($ 1.073 trillion), then the United Kingdom ($ 424.6 billion), Ireland ($ 330.8 billion), then Hong Kong (267.1). One billion dollars), Brazil (265.7 billion dollars), and Luxembourg (264.7 billion dollars).

Total investments in US Treasury bonds rose 4.2% during July 2020 year-on-year, with an increase of $ 287 billion.

The total balance of US Treasury bonds reached 7,087.2 billion dollars (7.087 trillion dollars), compared to 6800.2 billion (6.8 trillion dollars) in July of 2019.


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