Zuhair Murad breaks down in tears after his fashion house is destroyed


Beirut – Iraq today

The Lebanese designer emphasized Zuhair MuradHe feels strange, inexpressible sensation after destruction Fashion house He pointed out that his tears and his team had dried up, stressing that for 20 years he had tried to reflect Lebanon’s civilized image and move it abroad, he explained that he was in tears whenever he saw this destruction that befell the fashion house. He pointed out in an interview with “Al-Jadid” channel that he was determined to set out from Lebanon towards the world, but this did not materialize with those who described them as “corrupt rulers” who destroyed the dreams of young people, indicating that a few seconds were enough to eliminate the fatigue of many years.

Zuhair Murad continued: “The memories are gone and my private archive that he kept since my beginnings has been destroyed, as well as all the designs and works that have disappeared in the blink of an eye.”

Murad had published a video clip documenting the entire facade of his fashion house, and commented on it: “My heart is broken … I cannot stop crying … the efforts of years have been lost in a minute..thank God for everything.” The audience also transmitted a picture of the destroyed building Amid a wide interaction, while the Lebanese actress Cyrine Abdel Nour commented: “My love, O Zahir, may God be with you and compensate you for the loss.”

The audience’s comments were also: “May God compensate you, but thank God that you were not in the house at the moment of the explosion..you are the least of them loss. It is enough that you do not have a person who lost it by the explosion. This will be the most difficult of all possessions to be compensated. Beirut and for you Zuhair. ”

Zuhair Murad is a fashion designer born in Beirut. He studied fashion and art in it. In 1995, he opened his first atelier in the Lebanese capital, and in 1999 launched the first haute couture group in the Italian capital of Rome during Fashion Week, and in 2001 Zuhair went to Paris to present His high fashion group, and in 2006 he temporarily joined the fashion company Mango to create a collection entitled (mango by zuhair murad).

Zuhair Murad is considered one of the great designers, and his name competes with top international designers such as Valentino and Giorgio Armani, and many international stars wore his design, most notably Kylie Minogue, Olivia Wilde, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Lopez, Blake Lively, Taylor Swift, Christina Aguilera, Keri Underwood, Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton.

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