Zeina Makki tells the details of her survival from the Beirut explosion – in the photo


The Lebanese actress recountedZina MakkiDetails of her survival fromThe Beirut explosionWhich occurred in the port on last Tuesday and caused severe material damage in the capital and the loss of life exceeding 150 martyrs, 6000 injured and a number of missing.
On her own page on a social media site, Makki published a number of photos of her with her work team, commenting: “On August 4, I was supposed to photograph a project in the heart of Beirut. Because of the closure, we postponed the filming date until the second week of August .. On August 4, my team and I were in Gemmayzeh and Mar Mikhael to visit the filming sites to finish everything. “
“I said goodbye to Beirut on August 4, just one hour before the tragic explosion. I was in Gemmayzeh on the same day looking for beautiful sites for my next project. I was with my beautiful team. We spent there all morning and afternoon. I told my friend: I miss Beirut. I miss the leadership.” On the road, having a cup of coffee in the café. Beirut inspires me. “
She added, “My mind and I are in denial now. I don’t want to see Beirut that I watch on TV and social media. But I have to.”
And she added, “I had repeated dreams since Tuesday, all of them related to Beirut. Al-Mina, Mar Mikhael, Gemmayzeh and Amber 12 .. random dreams with random pictures of our city.” To see Beirut as it is now. Why am I now ?, My father told me not to worry, this is a natural part of sadness. Your mind is burdened with thoughts of sadness and trauma .. People deal with traumatic feelings and events differently. “
She concluded her speech by saying: “Beirut .. I am sorry .. I see you tomorrow .. Beirut will always inspire me.” She also published several photos taken on the fourth of August in Gemmayzeh and Mar Mikhael during the preparation of her next project, noting that this project in case she decided to resume Filmed again will be in her honor of Beirut.


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