Zain launches Zain Health services platform Al Anbaa Newspaper


Zain, the leading provider of digital services in Kuwait, announced the launch of the Zain Health digital platform for business customers, which enables health care providers such as doctors and nursing agencies to track the patient’s condition remotely through a number of smart medical devices, which contributes to facilitating the work of the health system during the current circumstances due to The outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic, via the high-speed Zain network that covers all parts of Kuwait.

The company stated in a press statement that the launch of this platform came in line with its integrated strategy towards enabling the various sectors of the country to digital transformation, especially the health sector, on which the state depends completely during the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic, as Zain is keen to harness its technological capabilities to provide the most services and solutions. Developed according to the highest international standards to facilitate the continuity of the work of various medical institutions of all sizes, and to meet their various needs during the current circumstances to maintain the health and safety of patients while adhering to the health requirements that are required by the current circumstances.

Zain indicated that the Zain Health digital platform was a result of its cooperation with NXN, which is the arm of Zain Group in smart city projects, as the platform is mainly a remote patient monitoring system (RPM), and it provides a set of integrated solutions for remote communication between the health care provider and the patient Through an online portal and application for smartphones operating on iOS and Android, the platform relies on a set of smart and wearable medical devices to read the patient’s vital signs, allowing the doctor to monitor his condition periodically, inform him of any important changes, produce medical reports about his condition, and more.

The company added that the platform contains many unique features for communication between the health care provider and the patient, which include making patient questionnaires, the possibility of integrating the electronic medical record (HER / EMR) with the platform, linking smart and wearable health devices with the platform via the Internet of things. (IoT), integrated intelligent training for treatments requiring physical training, secure image messaging and transmission, electronic diagnosis and health risk assessment, chronic disease management, personalized medicine, pre / post-operative training and preparation, remote follow-up, and many more.

Zain explained that the Zain Health platform was designed to be able to integrate with many health and medical devices approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the CE mark for European quality, safety and security standards, which include wearable devices, smart scale, and blood pressure readers. Glucose meters, pulse oximeters, body thermometers, and more.


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