Zahret Al Khaleej – Asala Nasri talks about her divorce and this is her advice to her daughter Sham


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The Syrian star Assala Nasri revealed that she does not direct advice to her daughter Sham because the children do not listen to direct advice, but rather tell them some of the stories that she passed through in order to learn from her experiences.
Asala said during an interview with “Al-Jadeed” television that her daughter, Sham, is primarily armed with her knowledge, work and relationship with her mother, and it is difficult to break.
The star also spoke about the strength she possessed after her separation, about her husband Tariq Al-Arian and that she exceeded the circumstances and began to love herself more, and she said that my experience of divorce from Ayman Al-Dhahabi and Tariq Al-Arian did not break her, but they showed the best of her.

Regarding the incident that I was recently exposed to with the media, Basma Wehbe, she confirmed that it was simple, but Basma was the most affected.

Asala had released the song “Love Me” in conjunction with the blessed Eid Al-Adha, which is one of Alia’s words, composed by Rakan and composed by Hisham Al Sakran.


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