World news Scientists are monitoring the resonance of the planet’s atmosphere


The entire Earth’s atmosphere is vibrating in a similar way, in a startling confirmation of the theories developed by physicists in the past two centuries, as a recent study, in which Japanese and American scientists participated, confirmed a very old hypothesis related to the resonance of the atmosphere, which could help improve weather forecasts and climate predictions.

Scientists have reached conclusions confirming that the entire atmosphere of the planet vibrates like a giant bell, with large-scale resonant waves traveling in both directions around the world. According to the study published in the specialized scientific journal “ametsoc”, the basics of atmospheric resonance were identified for the first time in the early century. Nineteenth by the French scientist and mathematician Pierre Simon Laplace, and atmospheric scientist Kevin Hamilton said that “Laplace’s research has shown that due to the complications of the dynamics of the atmosphere; There should be a set of wave motions with the energy content trapped in the vertical position; That is, this energy is trapped on the surface of the Earth. ”The scientist adds:“ Laplace expected that the horizontal properties of these waves will be similar to the deep, regular oceans that cover the entire Earth, and the nature of this horizontal structure is governed by the equation of tides. ”

The researchers were able to easily identify the coercive waves associated with the rotation of the Earth and the process of thermal tides in the atmosphere, which was also predicted by the scientist Laplace.In their new study, Hamilton and his colleague Takatoshi Sakasaki, a physicist from Kyoto University, Japan, used reanalysis data from the European Center for Weather Forecasts. Mid-range; To check barometric pressure around the world around the clock from 1979 to 2016.

The team studied normal patterns of expected waves, which usually last between 2 and 33 hours. They found that the propagation of these waves leads to a pattern of high and low pressure spreading in the planet’s atmosphere similar to a chessboard, which causes a resonant movement resembling a “giant bell”.

Scientist Hamilton emphasized that identifying many of these weather phenomena and patterns in real data “shows that the atmosphere is indeed ringing like a bell.” He added, “This finally resolves an old and classic case in atmospheric science, but it also opens a new avenue for research. To understand all the processes that stir waves in the atmosphere ».

According to Hamilton, the possible consequences of resonant waves may include a global effect on the temperature of the atmosphere and on its turbulent energy spectrum, and he gave the world an example of the results: “Imagine a bathtub full of water, take a paddle and move vigorously for a few seconds. Wait a minute and see how the flow develops. You will see movements Small in size as a result of the turbulent interactions, but you will also notice more orderly sliding on the edges of the bathtub. This is an example of natural resonance frequencies. ”

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