Witness: Salah Abdullah reveals Ahmed Al-Saqqa’s humanitarian stance with him


During his meeting on the ITS SHOW TIME program, which is broadcast on “CBC” channel, and presented by the media Maha Al-Saghir, the artist Salah Abdullah said that there are people in his life who have a positive influence on him, and they cannot deny their merits.

He added: “In 2010, I saw tears trapped in the eyes of the fans when I was in a wheelchair after suffering a health problem.” He continued: “I saw a lot of people who were afraid of me in my period of illness without interest at all. Ahmed Al-Saqa stood beside me and turned on all the doctors to make sure The effectiveness of my treatment, “according to (her magazine).

And Salah Abdullah continued: “I cannot forget many humanitarian situations from many of my friends in the artistic community because they stood next to me during my illness.”

It is reported that Salah Abdullah participated in last Ramadan among the guests of honor in the series “Choice” by Amir Karara and Ahmed Al-Awadi.


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