Witness: Anushka reveals her father’s hit


The great actress Anushka, a guest of the journalist Rami Radwan, in his “dmc evening” program on the “dmc” channel, revealed that her life had changed after Corona virus, as she found that it was possible to suddenly lose a person, adding: “I felt the value of an ordinary day.”She recounted a quarrel that occurred to her with a school colleague that led to her expulsion, saying: “I had a fight with a friend of mine and beat her because of a letter, and I left school for a week” according to (her magazine).

And about her memories with the blessed Eid Al-Adha feast, Anushka said: “I chaired from my family because I escaped the feast of the feast before it was slaughtered, and mercy is indivisible for that. He who torments an animal is a person who is not merciful in the first place.”

And about the story of her smuggling the sheep of the sacrifice before it was slaughtered, she said: “I had 12 years when I did that, and a relationship occurred between me and the sheep and decided to smuggle it before slaughtering it on the second day.”

And she added, “My father saw me and he beat me, but then I found out the secret that he hit me.”


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