Witness: Ahmed Ezz reveals his singing talent


The artist Ahmed Ezz surprised an audience of the play “Aladdin” by singing on the stage without music, to reveal a new talent that was unknown to him.

The artist Mohamed Gomaa published a new video through his page on “Instagram”, in which Ezz appeared, singing the great artist Aziza Jalal’s song “Battassamni Kama” “directly during his presentation of the play” Aladdin “, to surprise the audience with the sweetness of his voice and receive a warm applause from them, according to (her magazine) ).

It is noteworthy that the play “Aladdin” by the star Ahmed Ezz resumed its public performances, after stopping more than five months due to the Corona pandemic.

Because of the high demand for watching the play on the first day of the holiday, the theater administration organized two daily parties (Matinia and Soiree) to accommodate as many reservation requests as possible while adhering to the permissible occupancy rate in the theater, which is 25%.

The administration decided to open the door for reservation for the following weeks with the continuation of the strict precautionary measures that are applied in the theater equipped with all means of health protection and sterilization tools.

It is noteworthy that the play “Aladdin” is co-starring with Mohamed Tharwat, Tara Imad, Sami Maghawry, Hisham Ismail, Karim Afifi, and Mohamed Juma, and directed by Magdy El Hawary.


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