With the rise of Corona’s injuries, Lebanon announces the closure and warns of weddings


It was announced The Lebanese government Full closure in the country for specific days, in order to limit the spread coronavirus.

The government decided to close the country for five days, after recording an unprecedented rise in the level Corona Virus Outbreak.

Activists object to the government’s measures to monitor and control arrivals infected with the virus, and evade mandatory quarantine measures.

For its part, the Ministry of the Interior warned against wanting to set up wedding parties From continuing it during closing days, in which any kind of parties and parties is strictly prohibited.

Not all the calls of the concerned parties and the warning of the dangers of mixing were successful, as Tweeters published photos of large parties and gatherings within days. Eid, Without taking into account social spacing or prevention measures Sk.

On Friday, the Lebanese Ministry of Health revealed the largest number of daily infections recorded since the emergence of the new Corona virus in the country, with 224 new infections and two deaths, during the past 24 hours.


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