With the arrival of the first commercial flight between the UAE and Israel, Kushner thanks the Saudi crown prince and sends a message to the Palestinians


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Chief White House adviser, Jared Kushner, thanked the Saudi Crown Prince, Prince Mohammed bin Salman, for allowing the Israeli El Al plane to cross Saudi airspace during its “971 LY” flight from Tel Aviv in Israel to the UAE capital. Abu Dhabi, Monday.

“We would like to thank the Saudi crown prince for allowing the flight to pass through Saudi airspace,” Kushner said during the press conference he held upon his arrival at the head of an American and Israeli delegation on board the first flight between Israel and the Emirates.

The official page of the Israeli Foreign Ministry posted on Twitter a tweet in which it said: “The historic flight from Israel to the UAE entered the UAE airspace after passing over the Saudi airspace. This is the first commercial flight ever between the two countries,” as she put it.

In a related context, Kushner stressed during the press conference that he carries a message of hope to the Palestinians, stressing the need to return to dialogue and stressing that the future of the region should not remain dependent on the past, he said.

For his part, the US National Security Adviser, Robert O’Brien, said that the UAE and Israel will exchange ambassadors and cooperate in several areas, and confirmed that the agreement was reached thanks to the “courage of Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan,” he said.

The first commercial flight between the UAE and Israel arrived at the presidential airport in Abu Dhabi, and the delegations were headed by Kushner, O’Brien and Meir Bin Shabat, and the flight bore the name “LY 971” in reference to the international calling code for the UAE.


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