With “summer shorts” and fall shoes, Haile Bieber is in Iriba


Cairo – Morocco today

Lots of girls in the world were keen to follow another The looks of stars and celebrities, Especially those everyday looks that they can borrow some ideas from, and she is a famous supermodel Hailey Baldwin Justin Bieber’s wife is one of the stars that a large segment of girls are interested in following them, and she recently appeared, according to “whowhatwear”, with a look that looks a bit strange.

Helly Bieber boldly wore her summer shorts with fall shoes, and she outdid herself as she looked elegant despite mixing two slightly contrasting pieces, so instead of choosing something like sneakers or flat sandals, Bieber chose to start wearing fall shoes and paired the shorts Celebrities’ favorite brand By Far, pair of jeans and a pair of mid-calf shoes. It’s a coupling she doesn’t expect to work, but in her case it looked pretty good.

Hailey wore an elegant gray Jacquemus Sauge Front Strap Blazer, $ 1183, and a Le Bandeau Valensole Bra, $ 125; She picked up a Prada bag and the original Levi shorts, $ 70; As for the shoe that was discussed and surprised by some, it is from Far Linda Leather Ankle Boots, and its price is $ 494.

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