With an entrance rate of 25% .. Mohamed El Helou will perform at the opera August 21


Singer Mohamed El Helou agreed to perform a concert at the Opera House on Friday, August 21, as part of the concerts held by the opera amid implementing precautionary measures to confront the Corona virus and applying the 25% entrance rate set by the Prime Minister.

It is expected that Al-Hilo will sing a set of songs that his fans admire, perhaps the most prominent of which is “Al-Wesya”, the words of Sayyid Hijab and the compositions of Yasser Abdel Rahman, and “Great Oh Egypt”, the words of Ahmed Allam and composed by Wadih Al-Safi, and “Oh my love was time” words of Ahmed Fouad Najm Composed by Walid Fayed.

He will also present the song “Zizinia”, written by Ahmed Fouad Najim and composed by Ammar Al-Sharai, and “Ahim Shawka”, by Ahmed Fouad Najm and composed by Salah Al-Sharnoubi, and “Batloumouni Leh” by Nightingale, which includes the words of Marsa Jamil Aziz and composed by Kamal Al-Tawil.

He also presents to the opera audiences who are used to the songs “and your life, my love”, by Mr. Mekawy, the words of Hussein Al-Sayyid and composed by Sayed Mekawi, and “Ya Habayeb Misr” by the late Shadia, the words of Mustafa Al-Damrani and composed by Helmy Bakr, and “The Game of Days” by the late Warda.

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