Will it be the good news? .. A “wonderful” date for the Corona vaccine in America


The news, which looks great, given that the expected date is only two months away from now, was reported by the “Financial Times” newspaper, and it came hours before a press conference scheduled to take place. TrumpLater on Sunday, he will reveal what he said was a “major treatment achievement” in the face of the Coronavirus.

The spokeswoman stated White HouseKylie McKinani, in a tweet via Twitter, that Health Minister Alex Azar and the President of the Food and Drug Administration, Stephen Hahn, will attend the conference..

The newspaper pointed out that one of the options being considered is for the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to grant “an authorization for the urgent use” of the possible vaccine in October.

But AstraZeneca Corporation She denied discussing any urgent authorization to use her vaccine with the US government, according to “Reuters”.

A company spokeswoman said in a statement, “AstraZeneca has not discussed obtaining authorization for urgent use with the US government and it is premature to speculate on that possibility.”

The newspaper quoted a source briefed on the proceedings of a meeting held on July 30th, as saying that the chief of staff White House Mark Meadows and Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin told senior Democrats during a meeting with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that the administration is considering speeding up the use of the vaccine..

None have been approved Fertilization To prevent the disease yet, but the AstraZeneca vaccine is one of the most promising.

Sources told the Financial Times that the relatively small-scale trial that AstraZeneca conducted on the vaccine is not designed to yield sufficient data of the type required for an urgent use mandate in the United States..


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