Why did Messi use “Porofax” to inform “Barcelona” of his decision to leave ?!


The Argentine star and captain of the Spanish soccer team, “Barcelona”, Lionel Messi, informed the club’s management of his decision to leave the corridors of “Camp Nou”, in an official letter sent by distance.The Argentine used a service known as “Porofax”, a service provided by the Postal Service in Spain to send documents and documents in which it would be harmful to prove their arrival and delivery.

This service is used when the sender needs to prove that the recipient has indeed received the document and received it on the specified date, according to the Russian agency “Sputnik”.Any court in Spain accepts the receipt that the sender gets after sending the document and admits it as evidence that the document has actually been delivered.

Porofax is originally sent by fax to the Spanish Post, which in turn takes certified copies of the fax to physically prove what was sent before delivering the documents to the recipient, then sends a delivery receipt to the sender.

The Argentine is counting on a clause in his contract that allows him to leave the club, and that was supposed to be by the 31st of May.

However, the player’s lawyers say that extending the season due to the outbreak of the “Corona” virus pandemic means that he has a longer period to terminate his contract with the “Blaugrana”.Under that argument, Lionel Messi must inform Barcelona that he will leave before the end of the season, which is what the player’s lawyers say is at the end of the European Champions League, where the final was held on the twenty-third of August, according to what was reported by the Spanish site “AS”.

By using the “Porofax” service, Lionel Messi will be able to prove that he has notified “Barcelona” by a specific date (it is said that on the twentieth of this August) that he will exercise his right to terminate his contract “Barca”.

If “Barcelona” follows the legal path, Messi’s lawyers will be able to use “Porofax” to prove that they notified the club of the player’s desire to leave on this date, which means that “Barca” will not be able to deny receipt of the letter, or that the letter arrived late.

Messi’s decision to leave the club sparked a wave of anger among the team’s fans.

Hundreds of fans of the Spanish team gathered, on Tuesday night, around the team’s stadium, demanding the survival of the Argentine and the departure of the club’s president, Josep Bartomeu.

The angry fans denounced the club president’s policy in dealing with the star of the team, calling for him to hold early elections.

Source: Sputnik


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