Who is the TikTok competitor that Facebook and Snapchat are trying to buy?


Facebook and Snapchat, the company that owns the app, have been in talks to buy a TikTok competitor called Dubsmash, the reports said.

This interest highlights the short video applications at a time when Microsoft is trying to strike a deal to buy TikTok.

Debsmash, which has been in existence since 2013, has grown in popularity with a host of other Tik Tok competitors.

Facebook and Snap have reached out to rival TikTok about a potential sale in recent weeks, and the source said the takeover talks had progressed enough to include discussions over a price in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

The interest in DebsMash illustrates how big tech companies are rushing to take advantage of the growing consumer interest in short videos, a category demonstrated by TikTok’s explosive growth.

With the US government threatening to ban TikTok due to its Chinese ownership, the uncertainty about the future of the Chinese app has increased the appeal of competing apps, such as Triller, Byte, and Debsmash.

Big tech companies are seeking to take advantage of the growing consumer interest in short videos (social media)

Debsmash and other video-sharing platforms recently witnessed an increase in the number of downloads and user numbers, as 100 million Tik Tok users in the United States prepare for a future without the app.

TikTok is currently facing an executive order from US President Donald Trump that prohibits any transactions or business deals as of mid-September with the app and the Chinese parent company ByteDance.

Although it is unlikely that a nationwide ban will be implemented, the threat to TikTok was enough to make users panic about where the videos were made and find their favorite creators.


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