Who is responsible for Aseel’s death? .. A rickety “swing” kills a child in a park east of Buraidah – Saudi Arabia News


The fall of one of the “swing” amusement parks in Al-Hadiya Park, east of Buraidah, caused the death of eight-year-old Aseel Al-Woni, yesterday (Tuesday).

The child’s father, Abdullah Al-Wuni, explained to “Okaz” that the park contains a number of scattered swings that are rickety from the bottom, and it appears that they lack regular maintenance.

Al-Wuni indicated that his son was playing with a group of children in one of the games, and during the play the “swing” fell over him, which led to his death, pointing out that the official authorities’ reports confirmed the games being worn out and neglected, and that all legal measures will be taken against the party responsible for that – according to a testimony The child’s father is required to reconsider and maintain children’s games.

He added, “I received the body of my son and he will be prayed on Thursday, and his departure caused a state of collapse in the family after they lost their younger brother.”

The Red Crescent Division in Al-Qassim started the incident and transferred the child to the hospital in serious condition, after receiving a notification stating that the accident had occurred at 10 pm yesterday (Tuesday).

Okaz sources suggested that the child died before reaching the hospital, after the heart had stopped, as his condition was serious.

On the other hand, the Mayor of Al-Qassim region, Muhammad bin Mubarak Al-Majali, formed a committee to urgently investigate the accident, raise the results, and take the necessary measures against all relevant authorities who prove their deficiencies.

The Majali, in his name and on behalf of the employees of the trust, offered his sincere condolences to the child’s family, praying to God to inspire them patience, contentment and solace.


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