WhatsApp allows validation of messages in circulation by reverse search


The most important and the latest technology news: The latest technology news: WhatsApp allows to verify the validity of the messages circulated through the reverse search. This technical news was published on the official source: the world of technology today Tuesday 4 August 2020
With the details of the news: the latest technology news: WhatsApp allows to verify the validity of the messages circulated by reverse search

Chat apps are one of the biggest sources for creating and trading rumors and fake news, and so WhatsApp makes a great effort to mitigate this, and now it has a new feature that allows users to verify the authenticity of a message and their link.

The new feature checks the links, messages and images circulating between users, and in the event that one of your friends forwards a message suspected of validity to you, it will display a magnifying icon next to it.

When you click on that icon, WhatsApp displays a message stating that the message will be searched across the web by uploading its content from text and image to Google.

By agreeing to the process, the Google search engine opens and searches for the message that you received to find useful results about it and expand on the topic more to know whether it is true or false.

Currently the feature is available in a limited number of small countries to try it before expanding it to more countries.

This step is part of Facebook’s integrated efforts to combat misinformation on all its services. WhatsApp had restricted the number of times messages were forwarded to make the task more difficult for rumors.


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