What is the true story behind Princess Diana’s revenge dress?


12:10 PM

Sunday 02 August 2020

I wrote – Noor Ibrahim:

Princess Diana was a symbol of elegance and beauty, and at every appearance she attracted attention with her outfits that match her body and highlight her grace.

The British magazine “people” published the true story behind the revenge dress in which Princess Diana appeared according to what was dubbed by the press, after Prince Charles announced that he had betrayed the princess with Camilla.

Butler Paul Burrell revealed more details about the day and said in June 1994, Diana went out to a party at the Serpentine Gallery in London wearing a stylish black dress to deliver a message to Charles and the world to confirm that she was still retaining her beauty and elegance.

Borrell said that Diana did not want to appear that day but advised her to go out and said “No .. I will not go, I have nothing to wear”, so he decided to help her and attend this dress with his special touches, and he told her to remember that you said “I am Princess Diana, I am the mother of the next King of England. “

He added: Diana succeeded in drawing attention to her, and she received the response she had planned, and made headlines around the world.

The dress was designed by Christina Estambolian and had been in her wardrobe for three years and she didn’t wear it and she thought it was overrated.

The dress was auctioned and sold for $ 65,000, and its money went to cancer patients and charities dealing with AIDS.


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