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Anemia is one of the most common diseases, affecting about a third of the world’s population. There are 3 main types of anemia: anemia caused by blood loss (hemorrhagic), and anemia caused by a defect in the production of red blood cells, andAnemia Hemolytic.

The signs of anemia are weakness, pallor or yellowing of the skin, arrhythmias, shortness of breath, dizziness or dizziness, chest pain, cold extremities, as well as headaches.

The medical website, Health Shots, quoted Dr. Rahul Bhargava, Director of the Fortis Memorial Research Institute as saying: “Anemia is mainly due to Iron deficiency And vitamin B12 in our bodies. ”

The site listed 7 tips to prevent anemia.

Cooking food

You should cook your food in an iron container, as it will increase the hemoglobin concentration in the blood.

Eat sugar cane

Contain sugar cane It is high in iron, and regular consumption of sugar cane facilitates iron absorption and increases hemoglobin, so if you really want to treat anemia, do not forget to include sugar cane in your diet.

Vitamin C

Without proper absorption of iron into the blood, not enough of the iron-rich foods will suffice, so in order to ensure that the iron we are consuming is properly absorbed, you need to add foods rich in vitamin C into your diet, such as fruits, and lemons, as it helps blood absorb Correctly iron.

Regulating drinking coffee and tea

If you are also used to drinking coffee or tea with your meal, Dr. Bhargava proposes to abandon this habit, as it reduces iron absorption.

Leafy vegetables

Dr. Bhargava proposes eating green leafy vegetables such as: spinach that can give your body a boost of vitamin B12, where anemia generally occurs when the blood cannot produce enough hemoglobin, and we need vitamin B12 to produce red blood cells that are formed The basis of hemoglobin.

Beetroot and banana

Beets are made from natural iron, while bananas are rich in iron, vitamin C and potassium, and help increase the number of hemoglobin, both of which are readily available, and the best part, they are ideal for treating anemia.

Dates and raisins

Dried dates and raisins contain a high content of iron and vitamin C, which again serves the purpose of treating iron deficiency.


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